2016 – Cardboard Bed Build – Building Beds for the Homeless

2016 – Cardboard Bed Build – Building Beds for the Homeless


On March 12, 2016, employees of Summit Technical Solutions came together to build cardboard beds for the homeless at the Headquarters office in Colorado Springs. For weeks, cardboard had been gathered and donated by other employees, and vendors who had heard about the build effort. The build volunteer opportunity was organized by Tyler Bricking, BD Manager, who will be partnering with local shelters in Colorado Springs and donating all of the temporary beds made by STS. In addition to building the beds, STS will be providing printed instructions to all local shelters on how to make the cardboard beds so anyone who might need somewhere other than the floor to sleep will have the ability to build their own.

If you’re interested in printing instructions to organize your own build, or to provide the handouts to your local shelter, please feel free to use our instruction pamphlet.

“Were doing this because Colorado is notorious for cold nights and large snow storms. During these times we hear shelters experience overcrowding, which can leave some sleeping on cold concrete floors” says Tyler Bricking. “The cardboard beds are designed to be a stable place for someone to sleep up off the cold ground, and can be pulled apart for storage and travel.”

Although the build project is currently small-scale and local to Colorado Springs, we hope the beds, and the information on how to build them, will be beneficial to the community, and be a small comfort to those who need it.

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