Dynamic Innovation

Ahead of the Curve: Summit Technical Solutions established a reputation for being precise, dependable, and technically superior.


Our dynamic, innovative, and progressive outlook empowers the STS team to develop the most technologically advanced environments and solutions for our clients. Summit Technical Solutions is committed to quality service, and continually improving services to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations using the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Through hiring subject matter experts, and maintaining a dedicated team, STS is able to provide innovative solutions.


Leveraging our vast experience and commitment to high quality services, Summit Technical Solutions delivers innovative and comprehensive solutions to our customers’ most complex technical challenges.  As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we pride ourselves on being a provider of leading-edge technical solutions in our core areas: Systems Engineering, Testing and Training, Software Engineering, and Data Management.

Systems Engineering

Summit Technical Solutions delivers responsive Systems Engineering services to tackle your largest and most complex program engineering systems. STS offers design and management solutions that address requirements management, reliability, logistics, evaluation measurements, and many other disciplines.

Software Engineering

STS brings significant background and experience in software engineering and design expertise for a broad range of mission and system-specific requirements. Our services include operations, maintenance, and security expertise for Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) and the acquisition and fielding of software systems.

Test & Training

STS testing and validation applies to equipment, software and systems and complies with all operational, performance and user requirements. Training ranges from classroom to field training as well as performance support solutions.

Data Management

STS manages large volume file processing, scanning and digitization with electronic and physical records management and storage, helping our clients strategically and efficiently manage information and data.

Additional Services

Logistics Support


Our skilled and experienced staff manages large parts inventories critical to our nation’s homeland security, defense communications, and space operations.


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Information Technology


With focused defense expertise, STS is uniquely qualified to develop and deliver practical solutions that increase efficiency, decrease costs, and improve mission reliability.


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Our top-notch professional employees provide subject matter expertise to develop integration strategies for cyber and cyberspace efforts.


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Operations & Maintenance


A significant portion of our O&M effort focuses on US Army communications in Europe supporting the Department of Defense’s Global Information Grid.


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