Veterans Day Celebration

Summit Technical Solutions’ Veterans Day Celebration!

As a Veteran Owned Small Business, STS is actively committed to the employment of Veterans, whom we regard as among our Nation’s greatest resources.


At every location around the globe you will find Veterans at all levels continuing in their service to our great nation by supporting our government contracts and customers as a member of the STS team. We’re proud of their dedication, loyalty, and commitment to duty, and will continue to promote career opportunities for Veterans within our company.


Veterans are sincerely deserving of our appreciation. In honor of Veterans Day, we’d like to take a moment to give thanks to all veterans and their families for their sacrifices and services allowing us all to enjoy living in freedom as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth; the United States of America.

Veterans Day Celebration Wall of Fame

Kelly Terrien

Kelly’s Greatest Accomplishment During Service:
Supporting Air Force One communications while it was flying in the European Theater.Most Valuable Lesson Kelly Learned During her Service:
Teamwork. Honor.

How did Kelly’s military experience prepare her for where she is today?
The military prepares you for leadership and quick decision making from the very beginning. From Day 1 of basic training you are learning these things. The time I spent on bivwac really taught me teamwork and support for others – lessons that really were personal game changers for me.

My time in the military, both active duty and reserve time, was a great time in my life and I enjoyed it immensely. I was fortunate to support our Nation through Operation Desert Storm, serve in great overseas locations, travel extensively, earn two degrees and made great friends. Support for our Veterans is very important to me and I try to do all we can to provide that support everyday.

Brian Sutton

Brian’s Greatest Accomplishment During Service:
Serving our Nation with America’s best sons and daughters.

Most Valuable Lesson Brian Learned During his Service:
Mission first, People always – compete the Mission and take care of those under your charge. Duty, Honor, Country.

How did Brian’s military experience prepare him for where he is today?:
Education (MBA), Board Selection for Program Management of a Major ACAT (Acquisition Category) Program.

Members of our Armed Forces are deserving of our continued support – their service is selfless in protecting the interests of our great country.

Dave N.

Military Rank:

Military certifications/awards/recognition:
Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal (5), Joint Service Commendation Medal.

Dave’s greatest accomplishment in the service:
Managed to spend 11 of my 20 years in Colorado Springs!

The most valuable thing Dave learned while serving in the military:

How did his military service prepare Dave for where he is today?:
My first exposure to Government contracting.

Dave’s favorite story during his service:
I was on duty as a Crew Commander at Shemya AFS when President Nixon got off the airplane in China for the first presidential visit.  Five minutes after landing we detected several long range missile launches from the Soviet Union. It was very tense until we determined they were just test launches

What values did Dave learn while in the military?:
Teamwork, honor, duty

David D.

Military Rank:
Sergeant Major

Length of Service:
23 years Active, 3 years National Guard

Military certifications/awards/recognition:
Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal (3), Meritorious Service Medal (5), Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal (6), Army Good Conduct Medal (7), National Defense Service Medal (2), Southwest Asia Service Medal (1 service star), Iraqi Campaign Medal (4 service stars), Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Valorous Unit Award (2), Combat Action Badge, Drill Sergeant Badge, German Marksmanship Lanyard (Schützenschnur), and the Order of Saint George

David’s greatest accomplishment while serving in the military:
Helping develop young Soldiers that are now senior officers and NCOs in the Army.

The most valuable thing Dave learned while serving in the military
Strong work ethic.

How did the military service prepare David for where he is today?:
Different jobs in the Army helped me learn how to be adaptable and quickly learn how to do new tasks.

David shares his favorite story or experience during your service:
During a rotation to the JRTC, I met a Colonel that was in the 11th ACR during Vietnam. He commented on my Blackhorse patch and said I looked too young to be a ‘Nam vet. I told him I was with the Regiment after Desert Storm. He was in the Division we were supporting for the exercise; we had a nice chat in the Operations Center and then parted ways after he said to call him if I ever needed anything. After the exercise, my Troop commander and I decided to reward the Troops with a BBQ. Some of the Soldiers thought it would be funny to “steal” some other unit guidons like their 1SG said he used to do. Soon, I got a report from one of my NCOs that another unit had “detained” one of our Soldiers for trying to steal their guidon and called the MPs. The unit was mad and the MPs weren’t impressed, so I called in a favor from the COL. He came over and smoothed everything out after we returned all the guidons. We invited him back to the BBQ and presented him with a pair of spurs for keeping us all out of jail.

What values did David learn while in the military?:

Additional comments:
My experiences and the friends I made in the Army have helped me gain employment after I retired.

Sandy M.

Military Rank:

Military Branch:
Air Force

The most valuable thing Sandy learned while serving in the military:
Teamwork! Working in a team environment. A team is only as strong as its weakest link.

How did her military service prepare Sandy for where she is today?:
Military service taught me how to be better at self-discipline and self-reliance. Both have assisted in positive progression at work and in my personal life.

What values did Sandy learn while in the military?:
Team spirit, dedication and persistence.

Jeff D.

Military Rank:

What was Jeff’s greatest accomplishment while serving in the military?
Growth in leadership.  From avionics shift supervisor on B-52 flightline (SrA) to Crew Commander in Missile Warning Center (Major).

The most valuable thing Jeff learned while serving in the military:
Discipline, integrity, and both followership and leadership.

How did his military service prepare Jeff for where he is today?:
Learned systems engineering skills, applied technology to solve mission needs, and demonstrated innovation and persistence to overcome challenges.

What values did Jeff learn while in the military?:
Balancing mission and people, teamwork, and dedication.

What were Jeff’s most memorable experiences?:
1) On flightline the night the Shah or Iran took 444 American hostages. 2) In Washington, DC, meeting with Pentagon folks when the attack on 9/11 occurred. 3) In Kabul, AFG, when Taliban attacked kids we often visited with in the Green Zone.

Shirley E.

What was Shirley’s greatest accomplishment while serving in the military?
Successfully completing my enlistment!

What was the most valuable lesson Shirley learned while serving in the military?
Self Discipline was the most valuable lesson I learned.

How did Shirley’s military service prepare her for where she is today?
It taught me that I can overcome any obstacle and I can succeed at any task I choose to take on.

Jim R.


Military certifications/awards/recognition:
Bronze Star, and others

What was Jim’s greatest accomplishment while serving in the military?:
Supporting war efforts against terrorism by providing a constant supply of precision weapons and successfully launching the development of improved precision weapons that will be used in the future.

What was the most valuable thing Jim learned while serving in the military?:
That taking care of people is extremely important to accomplishing any mission.

How did his military service prepare Jim for where he is today?:
By giving me experience in program management, contracts, and stakeholder management while also learning how DoD operates.

Jim’s favorite story or experience during his service?:
One interesting experience was having to brief the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army on missile production. What made this interesting was having to tell him that his perceptions of how weapon systems are produced was really not correct. It was not something he wanted to hear, but he understood, and as a result, the programs I managed got the resources needed to be prepared for more operational wartime scenarios.

What values did Jim learn while in the military?:
That doing the right thing is always the best course.

Michelle W.

First Sergeant

What was the most valuable thing Michelle learned while serving in the military?:
The art of balancing discipline with compassion.

How did her military service prepare Michelle for where she is today?:
The very first thing you learn when you came into the military are the seven values. Those values I practiced before I came into the military, but they became ingrained in me, and became part of my culture as I grew up in the military. The Army set that foundation for me.

How did Michelle’s military service impact who she is today?:
It taught me that you can do just about anything if you put your mind to it, and if you have a great team. Personal courage and personal strive go a long way, but some tasks are too big for one person to achieve. Developing, encouraging, and building your team is something I embrace now; it’s part of who I am now.

Mark B.


What was the most valuable thing Mark learned while serving in the military?:
Leadership. And to be more specific, caring for people. Learning what it means to care for the individual, care for their family, everything about them… And to be able to use that and work with them in their development,and in their future to achieve their goals, while achieving the goals of the Military.

How did his military service prepare Mark for where he is today?:
I am who I am today simply because of those experiences, and the opportunity to be with the people that I served with, and to learn from all of them. I am much more capable, and compassionate.