From Our Employees

STS supports STEM education

Employee satisfaction

STS values the contributions our employees make to the success of the company, and employs quality individuals with the technical knowledge and skills to accomplish their jobs.

From Our Employees

STS is a great team to be part of. I am given full latitude to do my job knowing I can count on my leadership for any support I may need. I am personally recognized for the work I do and the value I bring to the company and the customer. STS’s culture of taking care of its employees enables professional growth and job satisfaction.

–Patrick, OT&E Suitability Analyst

STS has shown me that workplace equality does exist and that no person is better than the next and we all are important and have a place in the company. The next thing I like are the healthcare benefits – they are incredible and easy to manage. I also like the fact that as an STS employee, I’m always up to date with all the current events throughout the world and the company.

—Mike, Engineering Technician II

Working for STS has provided me the opportunity to travel to beautiful destinations inside and outside of the United States. I have been afforded the time to keep up on the latest technology relevant to tasks and projects. There are constant possibilities to both lead and follow.

—Joe, Network Engineer II

There are a number of reasons why I enjoy being part of the STS team. 1. I feel as if STS treats us first-class – more than just an employee at times. 2. Communication is key to any successful business. I always feel up-to-date and most current with everything to do with STS and our Prime. 3. Our management is by far top-notch. Our STS Lead always makes sure all paperwork is done, prompt and accurate. Without a question he has our best interests, our well-being and our back in mind.

—Rafael, Engineer Technician III

After working for STS for over three years, I believe the company is well managed and has truly outstanding executive leadership and administrative personnel. Its people are highly motivated to deliver superior, on-time work products to the customer. This same standard of responsive and caring treatment is consistently extended to its employees as well. STS is a good company to work for.

—Wayne, Support Services Specialist

STS is a great place to work. All of my coworkers are friendly and willing to help in whatever capacity they can. I have been given the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance existing ones. Management encourages teamwork and communication, which helps to create a positive work environment where people are able to share ideas.

—Shirley, Accounting Clerk

Our new home allows all of us to enjoy the gorgeous views throughout the day. We all choose to live here because we love the Colorado scenery and the outdoors and we want to be a part of it as much as we can. It is what makes us happy and as we all know, a happy team provides better customer service and is more productive, which directly impacts our bottom line. We are a service provider and our wonderful team is what makes us successful.

—Cat, HR Generalist III

STS management understands and appreciates the knowledge and experience of their people and is considerate and appreciative of their employees. STS is the best I’ve ever experienced, either as a contractor or purchaser of contract support, and truly puts the customer first. Additionally, STS HR is exemplary in responding to questions and requests. Whether by phone or email, they are very prompt in responding, precise in getting any additional information and thorough in any necessary follow-up.

—Stewart, Senior Systems Analyst II

I like the support I receive from my PM and Lead as well as the quick response (I can count on) from the HR and FSO specialists, regardless how big or small the issue may be.

–Bernard, Support Services Specialists