Summit Technical Solutions, LLC is a woman and veteran-owned Small Business proudly serving federal and DoD customers for over 20 years! The STS vision is to be our customer’s first choice for superior technical support services. STS is responsive, technically progressive, and ready to meet our clients’ challenges with reliable, affordable, and innovative solutions. Our ISO 9001-2015 certified company is committed to providing quality services, continuous improvements.

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STS is a Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned, Small Business established in 2001. Since our inception, we successfully serve our customer’s mission requirements with highly qualified and experienced engineers, analysts, technicians, and support staff. Our core capabilities are Engineering Services, Operations, Maintenance and Sustainment, Test Training and Evaluation, and Information Technology/Cyber Services. STS is a small business leader in ground data processing, ground control stations, launch support technologies, space surveillance, missile warning, radar systems, satellite communications, terminal and Radio Frequency engineering support.


STS enjoys a history of proven Prime Contractor performance beginning with our first prime contract award in October 2006. The STS Management Approach embraces process driven methodologies yielding forward planning, exact mission execution, and prime experience in exceeding customer mission requirements. For 20 years, STS has continuously provided management expertise, on-time deliverables, high quality and cost-effective services for our Government customers. STS successfully and simultaneously manages and supports numerous contracts as a prime and subcontractor in CONUS, OCONUS and remote locations. As a small business, STS has robust capabilities to support enterprise missions.

STS Experts Have Supported Programs and Systems Such As: 

Program Management, Execution & Oversight

Acquisition Planning & Source Selection

Administrative Support & Agency Coordination

Cybersecurity, Information Systems, & Software Operations

Facilities & Property and Supply

Financial Management

Labor, Manpower & Personnel Actions

Planning, Policies, & Business Processes

Program Analysis, Evaluation, & Assessments

Public Affairs & Events

Security/Visitor Control

Systems Engineering

Technical Publication Analyses

Technology Analysis, Evaluation, & Assessments

Test & Training Operations

STS is a proven, legacy service provider to Space and Missile Defense Command, Space Force, Air Force Global Strike Command, Naval Air Systems command and more!


Summit Technical Solutions has been a proven, legacy service provider to a variety of defense agencies like the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMCD) and Space Force for more than a decade! We have a history of delivering unmatched, and technically superior approaches through superior management, leveraging our ISO 9001:2015 quality driven process to reduce risk and ensure mission continuity. Our capabilities are easily integrated to provide continuous, quality service to our defense agency customers for the next decade and beyond!


Transitioning programs quickly and effectively is imperative to continue operations. STS has extensive capability/experience and has been very successful phasing in new programs. STS had an extremely successful transition on the PARCS contract. Because the STS transition team worked, we were able to reduce critical elements of transition from two weeks to one week. Team STS was able to reduce the inventory from two weeks to one week, saving government funds and time for multiple individuals and allowed our team to rapidly assume our new Prime role to continue operations.


STS technicians develop and maintain accurate and timely test documentation for the purposes of weapon system trend analysis, target resolution tracking, validation and the maintenance of workload data. As part of our on-site operational ground system analysis, STS personnel identify and document all issues, vulnerabilities, or problems related to weapon system performance. Overall, our Subject Matter Experts on site are constantly improving the reliability and effectiveness of the radar systems while also maintaining site through thorough knowledge management strategies.


Being responsive in a 24x7Satellites Operations Center is critical to the mission. STS has continued to maintain 24/7/365 mission essential posture support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic at the PARCS site. STS has been innovative and conscientious in finding successful ways to circumvent adverse program impacts while maximizing system performance as demonstrated by the operational reliability of the weapon system. The effectives of our agility at PARCS is demonstrated by our availability contractor controlled averages exceeding quality requirements throughout the life of the contract.


STS has experience managing training and curriculum at the MAJCOM level. STS manages over 2,000 defenders annually. We worked to establish an electronic system to gather data to support all courses critiques. It was ultimately built in one week and covered all courses taught on site. This allowed our customer to gather critical information from each course that is taught to help enhance and make all courses stronger, and effectively training professionals provided a benefit to the Government.

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