ISO 26000

ISO 26000 outlines international recommendations for making an organization more socially responsible.  At STS, ISO 26000 has helped guide us in building and delivering a long-term, socially responsible strategy.  ISO 26000 involves seven core subjects:

Community Involvement and Development

Consumer Issues

Fair Operating Practices

The Environment

Labor Practices

Human Rights

Organizational Governance

ISO 26000 assists us in addressing our various ethical responsibilities, from working practices and environmental policies to sustainable development and the communities we impact.


Social responsibility is an important part of STS’ ethical approach to business and is at the core of our company culture. From our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics to our Core Values, the STS doctrines on which the company was formed, ensure STS operates in an ethical, socially responsible way.


Social responsibility has become one of the most important factors to which we measure the success of our organization. STS measures success not only by its profits, but also by the impact our business activities have on the planet and its people. At STS we believe that it is our duty to consider the social and environmental impact of our decisions and actions and that it is our obligation to continue to develop our strategy on how we can contribute to sustainable development and behave ethically.


We at STS actively engage our employees to embrace and foster Social Responsibility through our Good Citizen Program.