Operations, Maintenance & Sustainment


Our team of experts work closely with our customers to ensure mission continuity, providing a wide range of Operations, Maintenance & Sustainment services (OM&S). Our engineers are on the forefront of Space Surveillance Systems, Weapons Systems, test ranges and equipment, and Communication Systems, working to ensure these defense systems are ready to protect our nation. Backed by our big-business ability, and small business agility, STS prides itself on providing on-cost and on-time delivery of service.

Operations, Maintenance & Sustainment

STS proudly offers a full range of mission operations and sustainment services, including OM&S support of Test Ranges, Weapon Systems, Space Surveillance & Radar Systems and more. In support of our government customers, STS subject matter experts develop procedures for real-time collection, display, processing and delivery of mission critical information. Our proven procedures incorporate specific control processes to ensure systems remain operational and reliable. STS engineers provide recommendations, often adopted to improve the efficiency of systems, equipment instrumentation, and mission critical operations and maintenance.

Space and Radar Systems

STS provides 24/7 Operations, Maintenance & Sustainment support for the Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System (PARCS) at Cavalier Space Force Station in North Dakota. Our support of the PARCS surveillance system provides all essential radar, computer, power, and communications through direct operations support to the Missile Warning Operations Center.


The PARCS radar system tracks more than half of all earth orbiting objects, and tracks 75% of all cataloged space objects in orbit today. STS OM&S support to this system provides uninterrupted missile warning and space surveillance operations, space situational awareness, and space control.

Test Ranges

Summit Technical Solutions currently performs Depot Level boat and target maintenance at Norfolk, Dam Neck, and the Eastern U.S. Coastline. In addition to our test and training services, STS supports our customer’s mission through test range services including:

  • Specialty Equipment Overhauls
  • Augmentations and Modifications
  • Preventive and Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Storage, Reactivation, and Conservation


STS technical experts work closely with customers to design, fabricate, and modify the full spectrum of threat target systems. We deploy a wide range of vessels that support unique maritime requirements including exercise of offensive weapons and missile defenses.

NAVAIR OM&S Equipment Repair
Unified Communications (A/V, VTC, VOIP, BTS)

Communication Assurance is a critical warfighting component of the STS responsibilities. STS provides global unified communication solutions, communication system designs, systems installations, maintenance and testing of infrastructure and networks. Our personnel provide on-call support and routinely deploy to troubleshoot and repair failed systems. Our ability to execute and manage UC operations, telecommunications, and restoration ensures that all required connectivity is achieved.


In addition, STS provides a variety of enterprise level operations and maintenance support for both classified and unclassified Wide Area Networks, and Local Area Networks. Cleared personnel provide network infrastructure technical support and user operational support at multiple locations throughout Europe.


Our expertise includes:

  • Hardware and Software configuration Management
  • Integration
  • Installation of Comm Systems
  • Testing Equipment and Systems
Communication Systems Maintenance

STS has been in a leading position of providing OM&S support of communication systems and equipment for the last decade. Our team of professionals take a proactive role in providing a communication system maintenance program that ensures systems are working when customers needed it, versus always being reactive in the event of a failure. To ensure optimized performance, STS experts perform inspections on equipment, evaluate condition and service life, and provide upgrades to the most current firmware or software when necessary.


Our communication system O&M support includes:

  • Base Telephone Services (BTS)
  • Technical Control/Patch and Test Facility Support
  • Land Mobile Radio
  • Frequency Management
  • Defense Switched Network (DSN)


STS notifies users of network problems and outages and provides security information during customer-related operational meetings. We respond to trouble calls and assistance requests

Inventory Management, Tracking & Repair

For more than 16 years, STS has assisted with all aspects of inventory management, tracking, and repair. As part of our inventory management program, we ensure the ordering, purchasing, documentation and overall lifecycle logistics management functions for all equipment and inventory. STS has a detailed procedure for maintaining, replacing, and utilizing each part in the inventory with an established reorder point and minimum reorder quantity.


Our team establishes and maintains efficient integrated logistics support and execution plans for the equipment, supplies, and assets necessary to meet the maintenance requirements of our clients, eliminating unnecessary overage while minimizing re-order delays. STS orders, receives, executes inventory control, and stocks replacement parts as needed. Our efficient and successful organization of warehouses and stock rooms improves accountability and appearances, mitigating loss of materiel, equipment, and tools.