Information Technology

Timely, Responsive, Proven Information Technology Capabilities.

Through a combination of strategies, processes, and technology, STS builds IT networks/systems and provides support services for our customers in a low cost capital investment environment, all without compromising reliability, security, or speed of service.

Information Technology

Offering customers the latest technology and the performance assurance necessary to Excel in today’s fast paced IT market.


Information Technology (IT) utilized worldwide across all Government agencies, faces increasing optimization pressures, enhanced service demands, and competitive affordability constraints. Summit Technical Solutions, LLC (STS) is an IT Services Provider, offering customers the latest technology, performance assurance, and administration support necessary to excel in today’s fast paced IT market. We provide our customers a process centric, repeatable, and cost efficient approach for IT Support. Our team of IT Professionals deliver strong analytical skills, flexibility, and forward thinking innovation to protect our customers’ interests and assets while improving their mission critical activities.


Our ISO processes allow our team to focus on quality and configuration management in response to changing technology and future growth requirements. We understand the rigor required to support evolving IT and Information Management Solutions. For over 10 years we have continuously supported IT functions for the Army and the Air Force around the globe.

Proven Performance

STS provides direct Cyber Operations planning support and recommendations in the development of strategic plans that integrate cybersecurity, and Information Assurance (IA) efforts.


Our team provides integral support to multiple tasks and requirements including:

  • Cybersecurity Awareness & Metrics
  • Certification & Accreditation
  • Transition from DIACAP Process to RMF
Information Security

STS supports the development of briefings for the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) working group, providing modernization effort to enhance the Risk Management Framework (RMF).


As part of this Risk Management Governance process, STS researched and helped improve understanding of the growing emergence of communications technologies for Civilian and Defense agency policy support. Our experts documented, assessed, and provided input on strategy for the evolution of inspections through a risk-based cybersecurity inspection program comprised of on-site and automated inspections.


STS played a key role in the creation of an Army Cyber Security Inspection Program Governance Charter, which later became a Directive.

Network Security

STS is currently developing, integrating, and protecting cybersecurity operations, network availability, and data integrity for Cavalier Space Force Station’s (CSFS) Local Area Network (LAN). We provide input to update the existing primary NIPRNet and SIPRNet enclave and mission systems RMF for the DOD IT package to the appropriate Information System Security Manager (ISSM) in accordance with (IAW) Space Force and DoD directives.


Our Program Protection Plan includes a System Security Plan, which details our team’s IA and proactive cyber threat activities and processes, in order to provide cybersecurity planning throughout all life cycle activities and milestones.

Network Management

STS technicians oversee all network operations management and administration services in achieving cybersecurity compliance, operational capability and technical support for LAN’s and Wide Area Network’s (WAN) and users.


STS provides:

  • Network Management
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Back-Up of LAN/WAN equipment
  • Information Technology Equipment (ITE)
  • Servers and/or Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Software
  • Encryption Devices
  • Network Infrastructure
Systems Administration

STS provides system-level software operations, maintenance, and enhancements to ensure system operational availability at all times. Our engineers work closely with users to identify and quickly respond to system anomalies from a wide array of threats including phishing attacks and malware schemes.


When an anomaly occurs, our SMEs troubleshoot and resolve problems including:

  • Implementing System Security Enhancements
  • Modifying System Software
  • Rre-Architectures/Redesign of Network Security Protocols


In support of computer operations and system administration functions, our employees routinely interface and manage systems at the Top Secret/NC2-ESI level, as well as stand-alone/closed loop classified systems with 100% compliance with all system status, security, and performance requirements.

Security and Compliance

STS provides systems administration to maintain various computer operations capabilities. STS experts install, configure, operate, and maintain servers, operating systems, and software.


Our System Administration Support includes:

  • Administration of LAN’s
  • E-mail capability
  • Printer operations
  • Telecommunications
  • Server Availability


In order to keep servers patched and up-to-date, STS staff use a variety of maintenance techniques including verifying backups are working, monitoring disk usage and utilization levels, and conducting periodic server security reviews. In addition, STS performs on-site operational system analysis, status and system performance monitoring through interface with forward users to satisfy mission requirements.