Strategic Partnering

Why choose STS to be your strategic partner?

  • STS brings quality technical skills and services to complement any strategic partnership
  • Meeting and exceeding expectations is embedded in the STS corporate culture
  • STS brings the necessary foundation to be a valuable asset to government tech customers

We are frequently asked: “What makes you different as a company?” or “Why should I do business with you?”

At STS, we genuinely care.

Many companies often say that, but what does it really mean? Our corporate culture has been developed with an emphasis on doing our best to meet and exceed your needs. We work hard to invest in the resources and intellectual capital that best supports you. We hire and train people who have the ability to understand your challenges and focus on efficient and effective solutions.

When you choose to do business with STS, we become partners.

We partner with our customers and teammates to provide the services they need to be successful, and that partnership is based on trust. We believe that trust is about understanding, competency, confidence, and risk mitigation.

We understand the importance of performance.

We emphasize having quality people with the technical knowledge and tools to get the job done right, each and every time. This begins with an essential foundation based on a true understanding of the mission requirements. Communication is key, and we recognize the significance of having direct and comprehensive dialog with our customers and business partners at all times. Our professionals exemplify unwavering loyalty and support on a daily basis as they strive to provide the very best in services and products. We continuously strive to mitigate the risks working against our customers by providing efficient and effective solutions, often identifying and pre-empting challenges in a timely manner—even before they can become problems. We firmly believe in full performance accountability in all we do for our customers and business partners.

Elements of this formula for success are interrelated.

If we have technical ability yet do not communicate effectively, your trust in us will be compromised. If we are great people but don’t provide the expertise to do the job right, your trust is weakened. As your partner, we understand the need to be both competent and able to communicate and connect effectively.

We also know that your requirements and needs will change over time.

It is our responsibility to provide new and exciting capabilities to better support our customers and business partners. We believe our continuing commitment to training, workforce education, and product development will secure our continued success.

At STS, we strive to provide service with honesty, integrity and respect in ways that makes it easy for you to do business with us. On behalf of our STS corporate team, thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to your continued interest and hope you will not hesitate to provide feedback to us concerning a partnership with you!

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