ICBM Experience

The Summit Technical Solutions ICBM team is comprised of 84% U.S. military Veterans with a lifetime experience in nuclear deterrence mission and support areas. Our professional ICBM engineers have 30+ year career experience supporting the Minuteman, Peacekeeper, and Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Systems. Our experts have served in a wide range of influential roles in military organizations, defense contracting, and aerospace engineering including:

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Summit Technical Solutions provides system engineering support in maintaining and modifying/updating in house ICBM analysis tools, databases, and models for accuracy and reliability. Our team evaluates reliability, assesses range capabilities, addresses basing modes, evaluates current and future launch/reentry vehicle systems, and ascertains capabilities/ramifications of technology insertion.

STS evaluates engineering estimates, flight test data, reliability models, hardness estimates, and accuracy models. We provide expertise in performing modeling and statistical studies in assessing and predicting accuracy/reliability performance and analyzing/monitoring flight test data at system, subsystem, and component levels.