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Summit Technical Solutions established a reputation for being precise, dependable, and technically superior.

Our small business has been providing systems engineering services and Information Technology support to defense and federal agencies since 2001. STS has a dynamic, innovative, and progressive outlook which empowers the STS team to develop technologically advanced solutions for our clients. Summit Technical Solutions is committed to quality service and practices, leveraging our ISO 9001:2015 quality management processes to continually improve our services and maximize output to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our team is committed to hiring subject matter experts, maintaining a dedicated team to provide timely, effective, and proven innovative solutions to our customers world-wide.


We pride ourselves on being a provider of leading-edge technical solutions in our core areas: Systems Engineering ServicesTest, Training and EvaluationOperations, Maintenance & Sustainment, and Information Technology. Leveraging our team’s vast experience and commitment to high quality services, Summit Technical Solutions delivers innovative and comprehensive solutions to solve our customers’ needs today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Providing Innovative Professional Services for over 19 years

Systems Engineering Services

Operations & Maintenance

Testing, Training & Evaluation

Information Technology

Logistics Support Services

Data Management Services

Cybersecurity Services

Software Engineering Services

Systems Engineering Services

Summit Technical Solutions delivers responsive systems engineering services to tackle your largest and most complex program engineering systems. Our experienced engineers paired with customizable approaches allow full system planning, phasing and development through a complete understanding of system interrelationships and elements. Our subject matter experts perform design and management services to address requirements management, reliability, logistics, evaluation measurements, and many other disciplines. We understand and apply systems engineering approaches to the larger content, how to manage them and how to improve them for our customers.

Operations, Maintenance & Sustainment Services

STS understands that operations, maintenance and sustainment work hand-in-hand to ensure infrastructure is operating at peak efficiency for mission readiness. In the maintenance stage, STS personnel are equipped to perform scheduled, preventative, and unscheduled services. For operations, our experts work closely with customers to develop detailed procedures for real-time data collection, work control, and systems optimization. Our life-cycle sustainment initiatives are based off of comprehensive, affordable, and effective oversight and support of legacy and future systems. STS Engineers support operations and maintenance of Test Ranges and Equipment, Space and Radar Systems, and Weapon systems at the system, sub-system, component, and sortie levels.

Test, Training & Evaluation Services

STS proudly offers comprehensive support for testing and validation of aircraft, sea vessels, space assets, software, and weapon systems. Our tailored approach ensures all activities from development to evaluations complies with all operational, performance, and user requirements. We support a wide array of testing activities virtually, inside the classroom, and in the field. STS supports operational test and evaluation, life fire tests, test verification and validation, as well as test and evaluation review support. Our in-depth system analyses provide insights and recommendations to our Defense and Federal customers before, during, and after all test events.

Information Technology & Cyber Services

STS delivers enterprise wide information technology, cybersecurity and related solutions. For over a decade STS has been providing our customers critical network and system initiatives ranging from Risk Management Framework (RMF) system reviews and accreditations, to independent validation and verification (IV&V) assessments, Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Services (eMASS) and Security Control Assessments and Validations (SCA-V). Our top-notch professional employees provide subject matter expertise to develop integration strategies for cyber and cyberspace efforts. We are proud to provide a technical process centric, repeatable, and cost efficient approach to IT support services.

Additional STS Capabilities

Logistics Support Services

Our skilled and experienced staff manages large parts inventories critical to our nation’s homeland security, defense communications, and space operations. The high value of sensitive items, parts and tools inventories requires disciplined, process-driven procedures. STS’ inventory accuracy and responsive personnel deliver a proven record of mission success.

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Data Management Services

STS manages large volume file processing, scanning and digitization with electronic and physical records management and storage, helping our clients strategically and efficiently manage information and data. Our data management services encompasses requirements from management and operation of integrated file tracking systems, electronic and physical data management and storage, large volume file processing, scanning and digitization operations, call center operations, quality control audits, secure file destruction, and large scale nationwide shipping of documents and files.

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Our experts provide Software Engineering solutions to ensure timely and effective fielding of mission critical software products. STS provides software lifecycle management for the governance, development, and maintenance of programs. This support encompasses requirements for management, architecture, computer programming, software testing and maintenance, change management, continuous integration, release management and more. Our SMEs provide technical support and assist in planning future software revisions and review briefings and prepare our customers for issues including operational impacts, deployment and cost/benefit analysis.

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