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Test & Analysis

As a highly valued USAF industry partner, STS engineering support provides extensive, on-site mission expertise ensuring 100% system flight test, ground and flight system software, firmware, hardware and system integration compliance from concept through deployment and system lifecycle evaluation.

Sts supports the maintenance of our nations Nuclear Security Forces


As a recognized ICBM industry expert, STS provides system engineering support in maintaining and modifying/updating USAF-maintained ICBM analysis tools, databases and models for accuracy and reliability. Our team evaluates reliability, assesses range capabilities, develops force deployment concepts, evaluates current and future launch/reentry vehicle systems, and ascertains capabilities/ramifications of technology insertion. STS evaluates engineering estimates, flight test data, reliability models, nuclear hardness/survivability, and system accuracy models. We offer expertise in performing modeling/simulation and statistical studies to assess and predict accuracy/reliability performance while analyzing/monitoring flight test data at system, subsystem and component levels ensuring weapon systems meet or exceed mission requirements and life expectancy.


The STS ICBM team comprised of USAF veteran nuclear operators and engineering professionals have a wealth of unrivaled experience in ICBM Codes, Encryption and Protective Device Technology, Operational Accuracy and Reliability Analysis/Forecasting, Software/Hardware Requirements and Testing, Nuclear Surety, Weapons and Tactics, USSTRATCOM OPLAN, EWO Plans & Training and weapon system operation expertise. The STS team provides technical expertise and representation for AFGSC and 20th AF at the Nuclear Surety Working Group, Minuteman III Life Extension and Long Range Planning activities, USSTRATCOM Emergency War Order Conferences, Joint Test Working Group , Project Officers Meeting/Project Officers Group, Launch Control Center modifications programs, Technical Order validation/verification, Global Strike Challenge Competition, and requirements development for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.

ICMB Operations are just one of Summit technical solution's specialties


Operational Test Activity Support is one of STS’s primary competencies. We provide capability for Flight Test Operations and Data Analysis, and support the Reliability Scoring Panel. We provide Launch Analysis Group and Flight/Ground System Test support to our DoD customers & industry partners. Additionally, we assist with Software/Hardware Testing associated with numerous ICBM modification programs.

Sts supports the maintenance of our nations Nuclear Security Forces


STS engineers assist AFGSC in developing software requirements, validation, test procedure specifications, acceptance testing, operational suitability analysis, and support for the ICBM Operational Software Sustainment Program, Higher Authority Communications/Rapid Message Processing Element, ICBM Cryptography Update II, and missile field support software updates. Working closely with industry partners, STS provides development and support for multiple Mission Planning and Targeting applications suites at USSTRATCOM.

ICMB Software just one of Summit technical solution's specialties


STS security professionals and project management specialists support development of: ICBM, Bomber and Weapons Storage Facility security policy, nuclear weapon movement and convoy procedures, weapon recapture/recovery procedures, Tactics/Techniques/Procedures for Tactical Response Forces and we provide standardization/evaluation and training of USAF Nuclear Security Forces. Our team also provides mission support as Nuclear Surety Liaison to ICBM Systems Directorate & HQ AF/A4S for sustainment and modernization programs, manages the Nuclear Security Deviations Program and assists in exercise planning activities.

Nuclear Security Forces are just one of Summit technical solution's specialties


Ensuring preparedness of the RTF is a critical capability STS brings supporting the Nuclear Accident/Incident Response lead command. Summit Technical Solutions provides training, ensuring national-level inter-agency coordination (DOE, NNSA, FBI, HQ USAF, DTRA, JITC, DHS), authoring policies and procedures and collecting/analyzing training readiness data. Our technical staff provides for Mobile Command & Control Center design/modification, secure communication systems engineering, Joint Inter-operability test support, maintaining the Defense Readiness Reporting System, and providing AtHoc Recall System administration/maintenance.

Supporting the responsive task forces are just one of Summit technical solution's specialties


Equipping the Minuteman III force to meet mission requirements employs STS’s extensive expertise in support of complex management of logistics, maintenance engineering, supply system data analysis, Quality Assurance, Master Change Log support, Integrated Maintenance Data System expertise and Time Compliance Technical Order administration. Additionally, we provide hardware configuration management, field maintenance support and item management expertise through our experienced staff of ICBM maintenance engineers. DoD customers entrust our professionals with non-traditional support roles such Staff Assistance Visit Support and inter-agency coordination with Defense Logistics Agency, Air Force Material Command, and Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center for the ICBM Systems Directorate, ensuring a ready and capable force deployed across 33,600 square miles of missile field area.

ICMB Logistics are just one of Summit technical solution's specialties


STS and our industry partners maintain currency and accuracy of Footprint software used to develop classified war planning fratricide analysis products delivered to AFGSC & USSTRATCOM. This includes maintenance of tools and database, updates to Re-entry Vehicle fratricide ellipse data, and generation of parallel data sets based on “sure safe” criteria. Software, databases, processing capability, graphic displays, and product output are continually upgraded to meet emerging USSTRATCOM mission needs.

Sts supports the USSTRATCOM


Summit Technical Solutions and our industry partners bring AFGSC and 20th AF UH-1N Flight Engineer Support, tactical airpower employment concepts/procedures, and integration of helicopters into the HQ AF Nuclear Security Roadmap governing policies and procedures to support the daily operations through organic and teaming approaches. ICBM launch facility security, Mighty Guardian exercise support, test plan preparation and execution, Tactics, Techniques & Procedures, Tactics Improvement Process, airframe sustainment/logistics and modernization program management are the domain of our Systems Engineering Support team charged with safe, reliable, and available UH-1N fleet for AFGSC, 20 AF, other USAF MAJCOMs, DoD contractors and outside agencies.

Sts supports our nation's Helicopter programs