Additional Services


Our top-notch professional employees provide subject matter expertise to develop integration strategies for cyber and cyberspace efforts. STS personnel are responsible for policy and procedures, management, and oversight of client cyber security programs, meeting the requirements for all emerging cyberspace and cyber operations requirements.

CyberSpace Operations to Protect Data, ensure Network Health, and enforce Network Integrity

CyberSpace Project Management including planning, implementation, installation, and integration

CyberSpace Engineering to enhance network security, ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT resources

Infrastructure Operations including configuration, standardization, monitoring, operating, maintaining, installing, administering, troubleshooting, and managing infrastructure devices

Research, analysis, and assessments of emerging needs

Formation of plans to address objectives and to meet requirements and strategic direction

Updates and recommendations to strategic documents

Information Technology

With focused defense expertise, STS is uniquely qualified to develop and deliver practical solutions that increase efficiency, decrease costs, and improve mission reliability.

Engineer, Installation and Testing of IT systems

Structured cabling design, installation, integration and test

System and infrastructure requirements analysis

Database design, administration and configuration management

Database software testing and system troubleshooting

Information Assurance and DIACAP Support

Database contingency operations and disaster recovery

System Architecture Development

Operations & Maintenance Support

A significant portion of our O&M effort focuses on US Army communications in Europe supporting the Department of Defense’s Global Information Grid. Our personnel support key Government agencies and the military in protecting information and command communications systems. Other O&M operations support Naval training via our maintenance and operation of target boats and drones.

Operate and maintain sea-borne and aerial drone targets

Electronics maintenance on radio and wireless communications equipment

Modification, storage, and reactivation of sea-borne and aerial drone targets

Operate and maintain the Global Information Grid (GIG) including Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Timeplex, Synchronous Optical Network equipment and Video-Teleconferencing Hubs and Facilities

Microwave facility and antenna maintenance

Logistics Support

Our skilled and experienced staff manages large parts inventories critical to our nation’s homeland security, defense communications, and space operations.  The high value of sensitive items, parts and tools inventories requires disciplined, process-driven procedures. STS’ inventory accuracy and responsive personnel deliver a proven record of mission success.

Material and equipment purchase and requisition

Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) property management

Shipping and receiving of equipment

Hazardous materials handling

Facility maintenance and management

Warehousing, materials handling and packaging