2016 – STS Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary with STEM Sponsorship

2016 – STS Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary with STEM Sponsorship


September 2016 marks STS’s fifteenth year as a leading federal technology and engineering services provider. As part of the many celebrations STS hosted in honor of the milestone, one of the most impactful was a STEM Volunteer day, and a $5,000 donation to a non-profit STEM education program.

The STS headquarters office in Colorado Springs closed its doors for an entire day of volunteering on September 22, 2016. STS teamed up with the organization Cool Science to sponsor a day of STEM education programming. STS’s sponsorship provided a full day of intimidation-free STEM education and hands-on experiments for the students at Will Rogers Elementary School in District 11.

STS employees, from Engineers to Business Analysts, worked alongside Cool Science to develop, learn, and present 6 separate demonstrations, providing over 400 students with engaging STEM activities throughout the day. These demonstrations ranged from “Electricity and Magnetism” and the science of “Light & Color,” to explosive bottle rocket demonstrations and teaching students about Newton’s Law, and making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

“STS is thrilled to team up with Cool Science and Will Rogers to provide a day of fun and learning. At STS we understand the importance of STEM education in our schools and strive to support organizations that exist to increase interest and promote participation in STEM fields” said Kelly Terrien, President and CEO.

We’d like to thank each employee who helped make the day possible, (Most of whom are photographed, above). Thank you; Alec Maestas, Steve Gentile, Leah Martin, Monte Watts, Gordon Bate, Jeff Benesh, Miriam Haas, David Nelson, Jaime Socotch, Tanya Williams, Melanie White, Kelly Terrien, Cal Jones, Tyler Bricking, Jeff Radspinner, and the family and friends who joined you! #ScienceIsCool!

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