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TASK – the Ticket Automated Service Keeper

As the prime contractor on the Command Information Management Systems III (CIMS-III) IDIQ Contract, Summit Technical Solutions (STS) has provided exceptional program management,  project administration, and information oversight of in support of information systems and infrastructure project administration for Space and Missile Defense Command across multiple task orders. We accomplished this by leveraging TASK, the STS Proprietary SharePoint-based framework for initiating, tracking, and managing service requests (SRs).


STS worked closely with key decision makers and task leads in order to develop a custom SR process controlled through SharePoint in order to track necessary changes and updates, collect and validate various critical authorizations based on SR criteria, and ensure efficient ordering and administrative services are provided for work requests. TASK automates and streamlines oversight of information systems and infrastructure project administration and serves as the principle mechanism for the Government to initiate Service Requests, obtain Cost Proposals/Quotes, grant authority, and confirm services and products met expectations.

“Having captured all critical stop and functional data points associated with acquisition and systems engineering efforts, the SharePoint Administrator’s keen attention to detail and technical mastery, seamlessly amalgamate Governmental and contractual mandated procedures into a lineal, easy to use, go/no-go application.”
TASK Capabilities



While developing your TASK solution, our team focuses on critical factors affecting the entire user population to ensure long-term viability and positive user adoption of the system.

Process Driven.

Our developers cooperate with key decision makers to create solutions inclusive of features that enable communication and ensures easy collaboration. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly systems that enable users to accomplish what they need, following strict processes and control requirements.

Flawless Performance. 24/7 Support.

We do our utmost to ensure stable and error-free performance of our systems. To achieve that, we thoroughly test our solutions to guarantee that it behaves as intended, in compliance with all functional requirements and business needs.

Secure self-service and collaboration.

TASK data security is among our highest priorities. We pay a particular attention to portal organization structures and permissions to allows users to securely work and collaborate on the portal within their lane. We implement security controls to prevent unintended data-sharing, and to minimize the risk of data loss.

Customizable & Process Improvements

We're dedicated to systems performance improvements. Our SME's take every consideration when automating processes with TASK, working with the users and key decision makers to identify opportunities for consideration. We pay particular attention to process exceptions and deviations to ensure compliance with all project requirements, while working to ensure users can seamless collaborate on the portal.

Let’s Start Our Cooperation with a Proof of Concept

As part of our IT services, STS integrates TASK to standardize repeatable processes, provide consistent and secure data storage, document management, and more!


It is easy to start a proof of concept for your project. Whether you have a clear vision of your future solution or just basic ideas, STS is ready to discuss your concepts, preferences, and business requirements, and have thorough processes for discovery – contact our Business Development team today to find out more!!

Relying on our SharePoint-based solution, organizations can remain informed, as TASK enables improved communication of projects through automated notifications, custom updates, and facilitates internal business processes by leveraging STS proprietary process automation framework. Since 2001, Summit Technical Solutions delivers smart and cost-effective solutions to help companies handle challenges successfully. Delivering SharePoint document and workflow management solutions, knowledge and innovation management solutions, we help our federal customers achieve excellence.

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