Customer: 20th Air Force


STS Capabilities at 20th Air Force/Task Force – 214

•   Logistics / Maintenance

•   Minuteman III SMEs

•   ICBM Operations

•   Training & Evaluation Scenario Development

•   Plans & Targeting support

•   Emergency Action Procedures (EAP) Development

•   Training

•   Inspection / Staff Assistance Visits

•   ICBM Center of Excellence Course Instruction

•   ICBM Simulator Programming Assistance

•   UH-1N operations and engineering support

Responsive support to the ICBM mission 24/7/365

As the missile Numbered Air Force (NAF) for AFGSC, 20th Air Force is responsible for maintaining and operating the Air Force’s ICBM force. The Minuteman III ICBM forces are dispersed in hardened silos across the nation’s north-central tier and are based at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, WY, Malmstrom AFB, MT and Minot AFB Base, ND.


A cohesive team of highly skilled and focused warfighters delivering combat capability across the spectrum of conflict.


20 AF nuclear warriors are comprehensively trained and highly motivated toward mission accomplishment through attention to every detail and superior critical thinking skills. The ability to deliver combat capability across the spectrum of conflict requires a unified, skilled, precise and innovative team of fully dedicated Airmen executing ICBM operations, maintenance, security and support over a 33,600 square mile area of operations. This commitment fulfills the AFGSC Commander’s number one priority: to deter and assure with a safe, secure, and effective nuclear force.


Task Force 214


Designated as USSTRATCOM’s Task Force 214, 20th Air Force provides on-alert, combat ready ICBMs to POTUS by performing credible, around-the-clock nuclear deterrence operations with the ability to conduct rapid, accurate, and decisive ICBM global strike missions. When deployed to the missile field, operations personnel are accountable directly to USSTRATCOM for nuclear alert, execution capability, and holding adversary targets at risk.

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