Summit Technical Solutions Employer of Veterans Award

Help STS Recognize the Vets on our Workforce for Veteran’s Day! Read More: STS Celebrates Veteran’s DayEmployer of Veterans Award by the US American Legion

The American Legion Department of Colorado has awarded Summit Technical Solutions, LLC (STS) an Employer of Veterans Award, recognizing us for our dedication in hiring veterans. To qualify for the award, 10% of the employer’s workforce must be a veteran. STS surpassed this requirement with a more than 65% veteran population for the Corporate Headquarters and Department of Defense (DOD) Business Area. STS is committed to hiring veterans.

Employer of Veterans Nomination – STS 2015

It gives me great pleasure to offer the Corporate Headquarters and Department of Defense (DOD) Business Area of Summit Technical Solutions (STS), LLC for consideration as The American Legion Medium Business Employer of Veterans Award.


STS is a well-known Defense Contractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as well as other cities across our country. The company was founded in Colorado Springs in 2001 by Ms. Kelly Terrien, a Veteran of the US Air Force. She began the company supporting a contract to provide Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Information, Technology, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance support to the US Air Force Space Command, and NORAD, USNORTHCOM; a contract still supported today after more than 13 years.


STS has established themselves as a company that recognizes the many benefits of hiring Veterans. Across the approximately 55 total corporate Headquarters personnel and DOD Business Area, STS currently boasts a more than 65% Veteran workforce. STS actively supports eight Federal Government contracts. Of the 35% non-Veteran workforce in their HQ and DOD Business Area, the overwhelming majority is immediate family members of Veterans. Over the past year, the HQ added 9 men and women to their workforce. Of the 9 newly hired corporate personnel, 6 served our Nation in military service. Two-Thirds of the corporate people hired last year are Veterans.


STS’ HQ personnel are active supporters of the Transition Assistance Programs among the five military installations in the Colorado Springs area. They are routinely invited to participate in the workshop portion of the program, where they offer information and tips to active duty military personnel preparing for separation on everything from resume formatting to developing proper interviewing skills. Because STS has arms that stretch into key DOD Business locations such as Huntsville, AL and the Norfolk, VA areas, they also support Veteran Job Fairs in those locations and are in direct contact with the local Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) and other Veterans Outreach programs. STS relies on organizations such as these to identify qualified Veterans looking for a job not only in Alabama and Virginia, but in other geographic locations in which they are targeting DOD work. STS maintains reach-back capabilities by attending local meetings of retired and active senior military leaders, as well as the local Wounded Warrior Project Advocate, with a purpose of discussing employment and placement opportunities for Veterans. The STS Corporate Recruiter is a retired senior Air Force NCO; a lifetime member of the Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) and the Disabled American Veterans Association (DAV). He has access to a current worldwide network of officers and senior NCOs from all branches of the Service to assist in leveraging the job seeking, Veteran population. Ads are frequently placed with third party job boards to include Hire Veteran, Hero 2 Hire, and Military Hire as well as over 5,000 additional diverse job sites.


STS has been an active participant at many Veteran focused job fairs. At those job fairs, they meet with Veterans searching for a professional change of scenery to ensure their resumes contain the type of information that warrants the attention of a prospective employer. They offer terminology and formatting recommendations that have proven to be successful within the defense industry. STS also provides tips to the Veterans searching for the next chapter of their life on how to strengthen their “first impression” with a prospective employer. STS has been a tremendous advocate for Veterans seeking work by networking on their behalf with companies that may have a hiring need for the unique talents and skills offered by our Nation’s heroes.


STS not only actively supports hiring Veterans first, they reward employees for their active involvement in the community through their Good Citizen Program, a policy of crediting employees with up to eight hours of Personal Time Off each year for volunteerism. Their support has included Junior Achievement, Troops to Teachers, and Homefront Cares. They adopted a local school in a disadvantaged part of Colorado Springs, to which they provided monetary and hands-on support. They were recognized with the “Red Apple Award” in 2011 by the Board of Education in the Harrison School District. Their personnel are very active in the community, assuming leadership roles supporting The American Legion, The American Legion Boys State, the Boys Scouts, the Cub Scouts, and The Crawford House to name just a few. Many of their employees actively support other local Veterans organizations’ local chapters such as AUSA, AFA, AFCEA, DAV, MOAA, and the VFW.


STS is committed to hiring and assisting military-experienced candidates and employees. Ms. Terrien states, “As a Veteran, I recognize Veterans bring a unique set of skills, and have a first-hand appreciation for our DOD government business and services. We value the training and leadership development that candidates gain from their military service and value the military community for its loyalty, diversity and strong work ethic.”


STS especially focuses on hiring Wounded Warriors as evidenced by their Hire Veterans Mission Statement, STS is actively committed to employment of Veterans whom we regard as among our Nation’s greatest resources. Today, you will find Veterans at every level of our organization continuing in their service to our country by supporting our government contracts and customers. STS is proud of their dedication, work ethic, loyalty, and commitment to duty and we will continue to promote career opportunities for Veterans who are sincerely deserving of our appreciation.”


STS, as a company has more than 13 years of history embracing the professional qualities inherent in Veterans. STS is a recognized leader and formidable competitor within the DOD environment, demonstrated by their exceptional performance on eight active DOD contracts. It is no coincidence their robust Veteran workforce contributes directly to the successes enjoyed by this small Veteran-owned company. Essential to their achievements is integrity, team, and excellence; all are attributes instilled by a Veteran workforce. STS knows that our Nation’s Veterans characterize quality, loyalty, welfare of the troops, and a commitment to total mission success. STS understands that it’s these same traits and winning values that are common to all successful companies. Through their “Hire Veterans First!” STS has gained DOD market presence and Defense Industry prominence. At the core of STS is a Veteran workforce that has distinguished itself as a force to be reckoned with by the DOD business community. STS’ commitment to the defense of our Nation, Veterans and our Youth are synonymous with The American Legion’s four pillars of A Strong National Defense, Care for our Youth and Children, Support to our Veterans and their family, and Americanism. That is why Centennial Post 209 nominated STS for this award. And that is why STS should be recognized as The American Legion’s “Employer of Veterans Award!”